Unfortunately, Pickler Comprehensive Security will be discontinuing business operations effective January, 2014.  Thank you for your support.


Is it legal to purchase firearms online?
YES!  Purchasing firearms online is completely legal although there are a few more regulatory steps involved.  The firearm must be shipped to an FFL, like Pickler Comprehensive Security, for the transaction to be legal.

Can I have a firearm shipped directly to me? 
No.  Firearms must be shipped to an FFL.

Do I have to come to your business to pick up my firearm?
Yes.  The actual purchaser of the firearm must come to the business to pick up the firearm and fill out the required paperwork.

What paperwork do I need to fill out when I am receiving my firearm?  What do I need to have with me?
Everyone must have their Driver’s license with them.  If the address on your license does not match your current address you must have government issued supplemental documentation with the correct address.  Everyone will have to fill out a standard ATF form.  This form solicits social security numbers for identification.  It is not necessary to provide your SSN, but it will help in preventing misidentification.  Handgun carry permits do not take the place of a background check.

I have a handgun carry permit; does this exclude me from the background check?
No.  Tennessee’s handgun carry permit does not comply with the appropriate Federal requirements.

How long does it take to conduct the entire firearm transaction?
It varies, but most transactions are completed within 25 minutes.  The applicant must fill out the ATF form, a background check must be run, and payment must be rendered.  Any of these steps can cause a delay, but most transactions move very quickly.

How long does the background check take?
Background checks are typically completed within 15 minutes, but due to volume or issues outside of our control they may take longer.

What is your turnaround time for orders?
Most orders are received within 2 - 3 business days.

I got a delivery confirmation but I have not been contacted yet
Once Pickler Comprehensive Security receives a firearm then there are certain actions that must be performed to comply with Federal Law.  These steps usually take very little time, but sometimes due to circumstances out of our control they can take longer.  Pickler Comprehensive Security will call as soon as your firearm is ready to be picked up.

I want to purchase a gun online, what do I need to do?
If you are buying the gun from Pickler Comprehensive Security, then once payment has been received, you will be notified to come and pick your firearm up when it comes in.  If purchasing from an online vendor, then once the auction has been won or transaction agreed upon provide Pickler Comprehensive Security with the company or individual’s contact information and Pickler Comprehensive Security will send out its FFL to the company.  The firearm will then be shipped to Pickler Comprehensive Security and you will be notified once it has been received and processed.

Do you carry vendor XYZ or product line ABC?
More than likely the answer is yes.  Pickler Comprehensive Security strives to make every product our customers could want available to them.  If a deal is not in place with a certain vendor, then we will do what is necessary to acquire the items for you.

I am looking for reloading accessories, hunting accessories, firearms accessories, or something that is not technically a firearm; do you carry these?
Absolutely.  As with our firearms, we will order whatever the customer would like and will happily provide a quote.

Is it true you provide both firearms and computer services?
Absolutely.  Pickler Comprehensive Security was founded by Chris Pickler who holds multiple certifications and a Master’s degree in the field of computers, computer forensics, and computer security.  This was the original foundation of Pickler Comprehensive Security, which has grown to serve the needs and wants of its customers’.  A major part of security for people is physical security, and firearms serve as an easy to use and learn component of a person’s comprehensive security plan.

What other kind of physical security solutions do you offer?
Pickler Comprehensive Security is experienced in the installation, deployment, and maintenance of CCTV surveillance systems and access control systems.

Do you provide armed guard services or alarms?
No, although we can assist with finding you the correct solution for your needs.

Can I buy automatic weapons, silencers, or other Class 3 items from Pickler Comprehensive Security?
Currently no, Pickler Comprehensive does not have a class 3 license.

What is a Class 7 license?  What services can you offer with that?
A class 7 license is a manufacturer’s license.  By Federal Law combining uppers and lowers into one finished firearm is considering manufacturing a firearm, and legally must be done by a class 7 FFL.  I can assemble firearms and manufacture firearms.

What kinds of payments do you accept?
Pickler Comprehensive Security accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, checks, certified checks, and cash.  Please note that returned checks will be charged the current returned check fee by the bank.

Will you sell my gun for me?
Absolutely.  We will happily sell your gun on a consignment nature.  Please see the consignment page for more details.

Do you offer any classes or training?
Unfortunately, not at this time.

Do you have a shooting range?

How old do you have to be to purchase a firearm or ammunition?
To purchase a handgun or ammunition for a handgun you must be 21.  To purchase a long gun (rifle, shotgun, etc.) and ammunition for a long gun then you must be 18.

I don’t live in Tennessee, can I get a gun from you?
Yes.  Depending on what you want and where you live there are different requirements.  Pickler Comprehensive Security can sell handguns directly to residents of Tennessee only.  However, Pickler Comprehensive Security can sell long guns to residents of many states directly provided they can come to the business location.  If you want a handgun or long gun and don’t live in Tennessee or can’t come to the business location then Pickler Comprehensive Security can still sell you a firearm, but it will have to be shipped to a local FFL of your choosing for delivery.

Do you charge Tennessee sales tax?
Yes, Tennessee sales tax is charged on transfer fees, and purchase price of all merchandise.  Sales tax is not collected for services rendered on computer systems without merchandise purchase.